Photo of Freddy Van Camp

Freddy Van Camp

Freddy Van Camp is currently pulling double duty as a Theatre Critic with the Kingston Theatre Alliance and acting as Assistant Designer of Sets and Props at the Stratford Theatre Festival! With a BFA in Performance Creation from Concordia University, Freddy is constantly testing the limits of what that degree can do! She is thrilled to be returning to the Kingston Theatre Alliance in 2023 and keeping tabs on the Kingston Theatre Community! Contact: Instagram: freddy.vancamp

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Photo of Haley Sarfeld

Haley Sarfeld

Haley Sarfeld is a singer, songwriter, poet, playwright, composer, collager, cruciverbalist, voice actor, and theatre critic living in Katarokwi/Kingston. She recently completed her MA in Cultural Studies at Queen's University. Her debut radio play, Half Past Lunchtime, aired on CFRC in 2022 as part of the Shortwave Theatre Festival. These days, Haley is working on The Lindworm's Cabaret, an upcoming musical adaptation of a folk tale about love, gender, and onions. Photo by Cecily Taylor.

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Photo of Hamza Syed Ali

Hamza Syed Ali

Hamza Syed Ali serves as the KTA’s Executive and Administrative Assistant. He lived in Kingston to attend Queen’s University, and received his bachelor's degree in 2021; majoring in Political Studies and minoring in Religious Studies. The bulk of his theatre experience flows from his time within the Queen’s theatre community, mostly as an actor. Hamza originally joined as a writing intern on the Blog team and has since become intrigued with the organization’s nature and mission of community-centric sector development. He is currently working on receiving a JD from the University of Windsor.

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Photo of Holly Hebert

Holly Hebert

Holly is a theatre artist with a passion for analyzing theatre in order to see it grow. She has previously written for, Intermission Magazine, and has been a participant in the New Young Reviewers program with Toronto Fringe. From growing up in Kingston to receiving her degree in Dramatic Arts from Brock University to now residing in Toronto, Holly loves the opportunity to engage with the Kingston theatre community as the KTA's editor.

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Photo of Stefan D'Ippolito

Stefan D'Ippolito

Stefan is a dynamic writer for the theatre critic blog, balancing a Major in Computer Science and a minor in Film and Media Studies. He is passionate about the arts and technology and how one can use both mediums to display creative narratives that captivate audiences. He has joined the blog this summer and is excited to see what Kingston performing arts has to offer.

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Past Contributors

Photo of Amanda Lin

Amanda Lin

Amanda Lin (She/Her) is an emerging Taiwanese-Canadian theatre artist who specializes in writing, directing, performance, and marketing/outreach. She currently works at Nightwood Theatre as the Marketing and Development Assistant and has previously worked with companies such as Cahoots Theatre, fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company, Single Thread Theatre Company, and Young People’s Theatre. Amanda has a BAH in Psychology, Theatre, and Business from Queen’s University, and is particularly interested in creating accessible and inclusive theatre, focused on providing a platform for underrepresented people and stories. Visit Amanda online at

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Photo of Ben Sterlin

Ben Sterlin

Ben Sterlin (He/him) is a theatre practitioner, with a focus on performance and direction. He recently obtained his BA in Stage and Screen Studies from Queen’s University, and is now a candidate for the MA in Arts Leadership at Queen’s University. During his undergraduate career, Ben had the opportunity to produce, direct and act in multiple plays of various styles. Ben likes to create theatre that is provocative to its audiences, and places a thematic focus on the exploration of otherness

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Photo of Cindy Ci

Cindy Ci

Cindy Ci (she/they) is a Chinese-Canadian drama student in her 5th year at Queen’s University in Katarokwi/Kingston who has spent over ten years working in all aspects of theatre. Some of her theatrical experiences include working with Queen’s Players as an actor and stage manager and with Theatre Kingston as their summer marketing intern. Besides watching movies and staying up way too late, Cindy enjoys engaging in endless conversations about theories surrounding theatre and shows that challenge our notion of humanity. She hopes to use this position to continue her advocacy for Asian-Canadian artists in this discipline.

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Photo of Jeff McGilton

Jeff McGilton

Returning to Kingston, Jeff (he/him) is a recent master’s graduate of applied theatre studies with a passion for collaboration and community-based arts initiatives. In addition to studying at Queen’s University, his theatrical experience in Kingston includes seasons spent at Theatre Kingston, SpiderWebShow, H’art Centre and Bottle Tree Productions. With a keen eye for contextualization and considering the full scope of a project, Jeff is thrilled to be writing for the Kingston Theatre Alliance and facilitating dialogue on what he considers to be a vital art form.

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Photo of Jordan Pike

Jordan Pike

Jordan (She/Her) is a 4th Year Film and Media student at Queen’s University. Pike is passionate about all things film and theatre - both on and off-stage, issues surrounding representation, production and reception. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in Arts and Entertainment Journalism.

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Photo of Kemi King

Kemi King

Kemi King is a writer, director, performance artist, and divisor. She is the Artistic Director of YIKES Co. Working within her practice, theatre of critical care, Kemi emphasizes relation and exploration in her work. She believes there are better ways for arts institutions and artists to co-exist, allowing for the true liberation and the radicalization of community consciousness.

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Photo of Lin Young

Lin Young

Lin Young is a PhD candidate in the English Department at Queen’s University by day, and an insatiable theatre-goer by night. She’s seen plays in basements, gardens, bars, and in old dilapidated houses, to name a few. She has been published academically on subjects as diverse as 19th-Century children's fantasy, contemporary webcomics, and Victorian vampire fiction, and has worked as Editor and contributor to Mooney on Theatre in Toronto for over five years.

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Photo of Stephanie Fung

Stephanie Fung

Stephanie Fung (they/she) is an interdisciplinary artist and arts worker from Tkaronto/Toronto wondering why, how, and who it is that gets to contest culture. She is also a recent graduate of Queen's University with a BAH in Drama and Indigenous Studies. As Blog Editor, Stephanie is fascinated by the concept of convention and excited to bear witness to the individuals and innovation that will emerge. Please send any questions and concerns about the Performance Blog to

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Photo of Will Britton

Will Britton

Over the last twenty-five years, Will (He / him) has been involved in well over a hundred theatrical productions as producer, director, designer, stage manager and/or performer - and has had the privilege to work with the vast majority of our local theatre groups in doing so. Now taking a break from theatrical production efforts, Will is excited to be engaged by both the Kingston Whig Standard and the KTA to contribute to the ongoing discussion of how to grow, unify and celebrate Kingston’s remarkable performing arts community.

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Photo of William Bartley

William Bartley

William Bartley (he/him) is a theatre artist from Tkaronto/Toronto currently based in Katarokwi/Kingston. Having trained extensively in writing, acting, and directing at York University and the Toronto Theatre Academy, he is fascinated with how classical works can be meaningfully adapted for the modern stage and contemporary audiences. William staunchly believes that at the core of great art there is a call to action, a burning question, a notion to be challenged, and a conversation to be involved in.

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