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Job Opening: Development Coordinator

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The Development Coordinator will be responsible for acting as a community ambassador for the Kingston Theatre Alliance and The Kick & Push Festival through the development, planning, and execution of the initial stages of a year-round development plan to both strengthen the organization’s relationships with existing funders, and identify and pursue new fundraising and sponsorship opportunities. This role can be done in a hybrid work environment until the Festival start in July, at which point the role requires being on-site in Kingston, ON until the completion of the Festival in late August.

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Animated purple curtain with the words: "The creativity dilemma. Exploring the divide between higher and lower budget productions."

The Creativity Dilemma

  • Kingston Theatre Alliance
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Last summer I booked a trip to New York City as I hadn’t visited since I was very young. I was extremely excited as I really wanted to see a Broadway musical for the first time. As I hopped online looking for shows to see, I remember thinking, “Back to the Future the Musical… Why?” I have no hate for the idea—it could be an amazing musical—I was just surprised at the idea of a Back To The Future musical and it having a spot on Broadway. I continued searching and found that around half of the musicals on Broadway at the time were either remakes of hit movies or revivals of older shows. At first, I was surprised but after further thought, it made sense. I recently looked at Broadway.com’s list of current best-selling Broadway shows and saw that four out of the top ten shows on Broadway right now are direct adaptations of former hit movies, while five out of ten of the shows are connected to an already existing popular product or a revival of an old show.

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Partial image of St. Lawrence College's poster for their production of 'Nine'. Nine yellow blocks are pictured with a shadowy image of a person inside. A white block contains the title in large black letters.

Desires and Desperation: ‘Nine’

  • Review
  • St. Lawrence College

Nine is a famous Broadway musical brought to life by the students of St. Lawrence College’s Music Theatre – Performance program. It played at the Thousand Islands Playhouse this past weekend and was directed by Alexandra Herzog. With music and lyrics by Maury Yeston and book by Arthur Kopit, the story based on the 1963 film 8½  follows Italian Film Director Guido Contini (Felipe De Brito) as he tries to […]

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Photo of two performers onstage. One is dressed in all black and the other wears a black and white striped shirt and is chained to a wall.

Keeping it Kooky with ‘The Addams Family’

  • Queen's University
  • Review

Since my first dreary days as an ArtSci frosh, getting stuck in a crowd of Queen’s students has been a surefire way to bring out my inner Wednesday Addams. As I stood in the Rotunda Theatre’s packed lobby on Thursday evening, noisy whirls of preview-night chatter ricocheting in my ears, I felt a distinct urge to crawl deeper into my own skin. When I realized my arms were crossed and […]

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Poster for Kingston Meistersingers' production of 'We Will Rock You!'. The title, production company, dates, times, and location are noted.

A Blast From the Past and a Flash to the Future

  • Kingston Meistersingers
  • Review

You’ve heard of iPhone, iPod, iPad, but what about iWorld?  Kingston Meistersingers’ production of We Will Rock You!, directed by Rachael McDonald, is a jukebox musical with songs by Queen and book by Ben Elton. Bringing a collection of rock hits to Domino Theatre’s stage, the show flashes forward hundreds of years into the future: the world is run by Globalsoft, a music corporation that has destroyed and banned all […]

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Image that reads, "Queen's Students on Theatre Criticism" with small drawn images or writing utensils, a typewriter, and letters.

“Good Bad Reviews and Bad Bad Reviews”: Queen’s Students on Theatre Criticism

  • Interview
  • Queen's University

When it comes to theatre criticism, there are dozens of different opinions about its pros and cons. Of course readers have their valued takes but if there’s ever a disconnect that draws a line, it’s usually between the folks writing and publishing a review, and the folks involved in the production. Recently, the Kingston Theatre Alliance (KTA) received an email about a review and subsequent editor’s article, both written by […]

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Poster for 'Total Eclipse of the Arts'. Animation of the moon partially covering the sun with a QR code in the middle.

‘Solar Eclipse of the Arts’: Merging Science and Theatre

  • Interview
  • Queen's University

The prompt: write a play about solar eclipses.  The students of Queen’s University (QU)’s DRAM 251 class were tasked with this in their 2023 fall semester. 24 plays were written as a result and seven have gone on to be dramaturged by the students of QU’s DRAM 339 class this 2024 winter semester. But the collaboration doesn’t end here. The seven plays will have staged readings tomorrow, March 25th, 2024 as […]

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Photo of Evalyn Parry. She stands in front of a graffiti covered wall and wears a denim shirt and green coat.

Pulling Apart the Scaffolding: Evalyn Parry on ‘Paradise Lost’

  • Interview
  • Queen's University

You know how the story goes: boy meets girl, girl meets Satan, Satan tempts girl, girl eats fruit, boy eats fruit, humankind becomes doomed, and for some reason it’s all girl’s fault. Or something like that. Adam and Eve’s fall from innocence has been told and retold across millennia. Perhaps the best-known English-language version (and certainly the one most often assigned to university students) is John Milton’s 1667 epic poem, […]

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Cover of 'Play: Dramaturgies of Participation'. It is blue with black and white drawings scattered throughout. The authors, illustrator, and title are noted.

Getting Real with ‘Play: Dramaturgies of Participation’

  • Interview
  • Queen's University

What comes to mind when you think of audience participation? No, for real, tell me.  Don’t want to? Okay, I’ll go first. When I think of participation, the little sing-song voice in my head starts humming Al Simmons’ “Don’t Make Me Sing Along”. This tune was rattling around in my mind when I met with theatre scholars Dr. Jenn Stephenson and Mariah (Mo) Horner to talk about their research project, […]

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