Poster for 'Assumption: a Comedy" Text reads: "All families are dysfunctional (some are just better at hiding it) ASSUMPTION a comedy Written by Cathy LeSage & Anna Sudac Directed by Anna Sudac Presented by Not So Amateur Amateurs FEATURING SUZANNE BECKER - CHRISTIE JEFFERSON - CAROL MCALPINE - JANICE MCALPINE - JOANNE MCALPINE - MAUREEN POUTNEY - WILL POUTNEY - BRYAN SCOTT SATURDAY MAY 20TH 2PM (PAY WHAT YOU CAN) & 7:30PM ($20) DOMINO THEATRE 52 CHURCH ST *THIS PLAY CONTAINS ADULT THEMES AND LANGUAGES AND IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES"

‘Assumption: a Comedy’ puts the ‘fun’ in Dysfunctional

  • Review

“All families are dysfunctional,” proclaims the poster for Assumption: a Comedy. “Some are just better at hiding it.”  Assumption is a new play co-written by Jo McAlpine, Christie Jefferson, Cathy LeSage, and Anna Sudac. Presented by the Not So Amateur Amateurs and directed by Anna Sudac, this play was brought to life under a unique set of circumstances. Starting with a spontaneous idea by McAlpine and Jefferson to co-write a […]

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Green grass below a wooden fence with a bright blue sky above the fence. This is the poster for Domino Theatre's production of 'Hilda's Yard' and text reads" "Domino Theatre presents Hilda's Yard by Norm Foster directed by Pauline Jodoin"

A family in flux: ‘Hilda’s Yard’

  • Domino Theatre
  • Review

At Hilda’s house, nobody uses the front door. Set in 1956, Hilda’s Yard follows an afternoon of mild chaos as empty nesters Hilda and Sam Fluck find their adult children hopping the fence in an unannounced—and uninvited—return home. Jokes are made, relatives are nagged, and heartfelt conversations are had. Hilda’s Yard, a comedy by Norm Foster, premiered in New Brunswick in 2012. This month, it appears at Kingston’s Domino Theatre […]

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A black background. St. Lawrence College's poster for 'The Rocky Horror Show.' Text reads: "St. Lawrence College Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show" A picture of lips biting at the bottom of the poster.

It’s not easy having a good time: ‘The Rocky Horror Show’

  • Review
  • St. Lawrence College

This review mentions sexual violence. You can tell a show is going to be a riot when the venue posts a list of what not to bring. If you’re going to the Brockville Arts Centre this weekend, their website has a long catalogue of forbidden items, including rice, dry toast, toilet paper, open flames, confetti, and supersoakers. If this list sounds familiar, you might already be humming the “Time Warp.” […]

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The cast of Queen's Musical Theatre 'Funny Girl' posing against a large window.

“Hello, gorgeous”: the fabulous ‘Funny Girl’

  • Queen's University
  • Review

I have a terrible secret: until Friday night, I had never seen Funny Girl. Not the show, not the movie. I’d never even borrowed the CD from the library, which I did with every other cast album I could get my hands on as a show tune-saturated tween. I have a foggy middle school recollection of hearing Lea Michele sing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” in Glee, but that’s it. […]

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Poster for St Lawrence College's 'Cabaret.' A blue brick background with black cracks shows a red circle with a leg peeking through. Text reads: "St. Lawrence College Showcasing the St. Lawrence College Music Theatre - Performance Program Cabaret March 31, April 1 & 2 Thousand Islands Playhouse, Gananoque Tickets available online and at the box office Book by Joe Masteroff / Based on teh play by John Vandrulen and Stories by Christopher Isherwood / Music by John Kander / Lyrics by Fred Ebb Sponsored by: Friends of Music Theatre"

Leave your troubles outside: life is a ‘Cabaret’

  • Review
  • St. Lawrence College

Smoky, sensual, and unsettling—welcome to Cabaret. This weekend, St. Lawrence College, showcasing students from the Music Theatre Performance program, presents the classic musical in all its doomed, debauched glory. Set in interwar Berlin, Joe Masteroff’s Cabaret (music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb) depicts the insidious creep of fascism into everyday life. Based on the play by John Van Drulen, which in turn is based on the work […]

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Photo of Leslie Arden sitting at a piano and laughing.

“I just sat there mesmerized”: Leslie Arden on Musical Theatre

  • Artist
  • Interview
  • Watershed Festival

Leslie Arden is a renowned Canadian composer, lyricist, and librettist. In 2019, she was commissioned to write a new musical, The Lancashire Lass, for the DAN School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University. First shown in an online preview in 2021, and then in concert in 2022, The Lancashire Lass is having its fully staged debut at this year’s Watershed Festival on May 26th and 27th at the Kingston […]

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Part Two: Playwrights’ circle with Sarah Emtage & Shannon Kingston

  • Artist
  • Interview

This conversation with Sarah Emtage and Shannon Kingston is the second installment of a two-part interview. To learn more about these playwrights and read the beginning of the interview, click here. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.  Something that I found interesting about Shortwave 2022 is that the three of us—quite coincidentally, I swear this is the first time we’re sitting down as a group—had similar threads […]

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Part one: Playwrights’ circle with Sarah Emtage & Shannon Kingston

  • Artist
  • Interview
  • Shortwave Radio Theatre Festival
  • Storefront Fringe Festival

Sarah Emtage is a poet, playwright, sculptor, and library technician in Kingston. She is the author of the radio play The Sound Castle (2020) and its two-part sequel, Jabberwocky and The Listeners (2022), which were produced for the Shortwave Theatre Festival. Shannon Kingston is a Kingston-born playwright currently studying children’s media at Centennial College. Her radio play Garden Of Edith (2022) was produced for the Shortwave Festival, and her previous […]

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Photo of Arden Rogalsky holding their pink book titled, 'FREAK FAIRY TALES.'

Master of mixed emotions: Princess Towers’ ‘Freak Fairy Tales’

  • Artist
  • Interview

“I’ve never felt comfortable performing anything super direct, like a normal love song. But a song about an inanimate object can find an oblique way into real feelings. These songs take very minor things and put them in big, mythical terms. I like that challenge—what’s the smallest thing you can write about and still make it compelling?” This is Arden Rogalsky, songwriter and lead performer of Kingston folk-rock collective Princess […]

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