About the Alliance

The Kingston Theatre Alliance (KTA) is an incorporated non-profit that aims to situate Kingston as a centre of cultural innovation in a way which promotes tourism, economic viability and cultural research and development. It advocates for Kingston-based theatre artists and organizations, acting as a umbrella organization to connect artists of all levels with the backing of professional, educational partners in the public and private sectors.

The KTA was founded in 2012 as the AKT (Alliance of Kingston Theatre) leading up to Library Chronicles, a site-specific 4-play theatre experience which was produced in the Central Branch of the Kingston Library. The AKT became the KTA in 2015 during pre-production for the inaugural Kick & Push Festival.


  • Create a community atmosphere in art, where the unique, the new, the innovative, and the unknown share the same space, openly and freely
  • Find places for innovation and mystery
  • Unlock and throw open the doors of cultural spaces
  • Build experiences where people can participate freely
  • Create and emotional and physical infrastructure where everyone in the community can engage fearlessly


  1. To serve the theatrical community of Kingston by offering partnerships between local theatre companies
  2. To create innovative experiences for audiences of theatrical productions in Kingston
  3. To offer training to local theatre companies while fostering an environment of creativity and collaboration