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Haley Sarfeld (she/they) works as a theatre critic for the Kingston Theatre Alliance and Kingston Whig-Standard. As a playwright, performer, and composer-lyricist, she has been featured in the Shortwave Theatre Festival, Watershed Festival: Reimagining Music Theatre, and the Kick & Push Festival. Since completing her MA in Cultural Studies at Queen's University, Haley has worked in administrative and marketing roles for a variety of local arts organizations. Haley's writing can be found year-round in the Skeleton Press, where she contributes themed crossword puzzles and writes articles about sidewalks, dreams, and the radio. She has also been known to air small-city drama in Intermission Magazine. Photo by Cecily Taylor.

Articles by Haley

Mariah Horner and Tyffanie Morgan pictured in front of the 2024 Skeleton Park Arts Festival poster.

Creativity, Joy, and a Cardboard Pirate Ship: What To Expect at SPAF 2024

  • Interview
  • Skeleton Park Arts Festival

Summer solstice is just around the corner, and the sun has been bragging about it all week long. When it’s unbearably hot out, Skeleton Park (officially McBurney Park) is one of my favourite places to seek refuge—the trees offer generous shade, and there’s usually a light breeze to cut through the humidity that clings to the lakeside city air.  It’s no coincidence that, on the longest days of the year, […]

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Poster for 'Dressing Amelia'. A woman stands against a blue background holding a jar. The title, playwright, director, ticket price, dates, and presenting company are noted.

Unpacking Loss with ‘Dressing Amelia’

  • Bottle Tree Productions
  • Review

On the day of her mother’s wake, Amelia finds herself at a loss for what to wear. It doesn’t help that her dead mum keeps appearing in her childhood bedroom, all smiles and chatter.  Written by Chloe Whitehorn and directed by Will Britton, Dressing Amelia unpacks mother-daughter baggage through quippy digs, impassioned speeches, and the ever-tantalizing promise that dirty laundry will be aired. A little bit soap opera, a little […]

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Poster for 'Menopause the Musical 2'. The title, presenting companies, location, and date are noted.

A Flashy Homage to Our Hormones: ‘Menopause The Musical 2’

  • Review

The night Menopause The Musical 2: Cruising Through ‘The Change’ came to Kingston, my mother was in town, so naturally I invited her along as a guest expert.  She’d seen the original Menopause The Musical on tour several years ago and hadn’t enjoyed it much, offering such sizzling critiques as “I think there’s a certain type of ‘hilarious’ humour that I don’t like,” and “I hate the Beach Boys.” Ever […]

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Poster for 'Arsenic and Old Lace'. Company, title, playwright, director, date, time, location are listed.

The Most Hospitable Murderers You’ll Ever Meet: ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’

  • Not So Amateur Amateurs
  • Review

It’s tough being a drama critic at the best of times. For Brooklyn-based theatre journalist Mortimer Brewster (Danny Lalonde), the drama is seeping into his home life at a worrying pace.  Mortimer has just promised to marry his long-term girlfriend, Elaine (Wendy Stephen), when a chance peek into his aunts’ window seat reveals that life in the Brewster household is not all as it seems. Aunt Abby (Charlene Wehlau) and […]

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Photo of two performers onstage. One is dressed in all black and the other wears a black and white striped shirt and is chained to a wall.

Keeping it Kooky with ‘The Addams Family’

  • Queen's Musical Theatre
  • Queen's University
  • Review

Since my first dreary days as an ArtSci frosh, getting stuck in a crowd of Queen’s students has been a surefire way to bring out my inner Wednesday Addams. As I stood in the Rotunda Theatre’s packed lobby on Thursday evening, noisy whirls of preview-night chatter ricocheting in my ears, I felt a distinct urge to crawl deeper into my own skin. When I realized my arms were crossed and […]

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There is a red square with a white hole in the middle. In the hole there is a joker holding two slices of pizza.

Domino Theatre to Rebrand as Domino’s Pizza Theatre

  • Domino Theatre
  • Review

Audiences are wondering if all the world’s a billboard as the latest trend in corporate sponsorship emerges in Kingston’s theatre scene. Previously known as Domino Theatre, the new Domino’s Pizza Theatre will soon follow the lead of Slush Puppie Place (formerly Leon’s Centre) in accepting commercial dough.  Rising costs of venue upkeep and drastic cuts to arts funding have been cited as motivators for more local organizations to turn to […]

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Photo of Evalyn Parry. She stands in front of a graffiti covered wall and wears a denim shirt and green coat.

Pulling Apart the Scaffolding: Evalyn Parry on ‘Paradise Lost’

  • Artist
  • Interview
  • Queen's University

You know how the story goes: boy meets girl, girl meets Satan, Satan tempts girl, girl eats fruit, boy eats fruit, humankind becomes doomed, and for some reason it’s all girl’s fault. Or something like that. Adam and Eve’s fall from innocence has been told and retold across millennia. Perhaps the best-known English-language version (and certainly the one most often assigned to university students) is John Milton’s 1667 epic poem, […]

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Cover of 'Play: Dramaturgies of Participation'. It is blue with black and white drawings scattered throughout. The authors, illustrator, and title are noted.

Getting Real with ‘Play: Dramaturgies of Participation’

  • Interview
  • Queen's University

What comes to mind when you think of audience participation? No, for real, tell me.  Don’t want to? Okay, I’ll go first. When I think of participation, the little sing-song voice in my head starts humming Al Simmons’ “Don’t Make Me Sing Along”. This tune was rattling around in my mind when I met with theatre scholars Dr. Jenn Stephenson and Mariah (Mo) Horner to talk about their research project, […]

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Poster for Bottle Tree Productions' production of 'The Witch and the Glitch'. The title, playwright/lyricist, composer, dates, location, and ticket prices are noted. A witch appears the has been photoshopped to look very jagged.

Bubbly Chemistry at Bottle Tree Productions’ ‘The Witch and The Glitch’

  • Bottle Tree Productions
  • Review

In the afterglow of Valentine’s Day, Bottle Tree Productions presents a potent potion for theatre lovers: The Witch and The Glitch. With a bubbly cast, spellbinding physical comedy, and lighthearted songs, The Witch and The Glitch provides a much-needed remedy to the doldrums of winter. This musical fable for grown-ups features a book and lyrics by Gord Love, who directs the show, and music by Michael Capon, who serves as […]

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A choir in the middle of rehearsal. There are three rows of people all reading sheet music.

Collaboration and Compassion: Darrell Christie and Grahame Renyk on ‘Considering Matthew Shepard’

  • Artist
  • Interview
  • Isabel Voices

When I learned that Darrell Christie was starting a new ensemble, I was intrigued, and I was doubly intrigued when I saw Matthew Shepard’s name in the season announcement. After nearly a decade away from choral singing, something about this confluence of elements—a former Cultural Studies classmate starting a new project and an iconic name in queer history appearing as the subject matter—nudged me to return to the choir kid life. 

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On the left is a headshot of Victoria J Marmulak. On the right is the Queens Theatre Troupe logo by Noah Solomon.

“I’m Finally Doing What I’ve Always Wanted to Do”: an ‘Ernest’ Conversation with Victoria J Marmulak

  • Artist
  • Interview
  • Queen's Theatre Troupe

After a dreamy debut last fall, Queens Theatre Troupe (QTT) has announced their sophomore play: The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine.  Founded in spring 2023 by a group of five Queen’s students, the education-focused club is dedicated to creating space for exploration through ambitious productions of published plays. Amidst a busy rehearsal schedule, Ernest director and QTT board member Victoria J Marmulak was gracious enough to make time for a […]

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A man sits on a wooden floor with a piano to his right and pieces of the piano surrounding him.

Damn Near Perfect: ‘Lessons in Temperament’

  • Grand ONStage
  • Review

When you’re kind of a haunted person, it can be hard to talk about your life. Overshoot on the levity, and you’re too glib. Undershoot, and you’re morose. Most of us don’t have the skill to fine-tune our honesty into storytelling that is both playful and heartrending.  Luckily for his audience, James Smith does a damn near perfect job.  Lessons in Temperament is a one-man show written and performed by […]

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