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Holly is a theatre artist with a passion for analyzing theatre in order to see it grow. She has previously written for, Intermission Magazine, and has been a participant in the New Young Reviewers program with Toronto Fringe. From growing up in Kingston to receiving her degree in Dramatic Arts from Brock University to now residing in Toronto, Holly loves the opportunity to engage with the Kingston theatre community as the KTA's editor.

Articles by Holly

Phil Perrin, Judy Tetlow, and Harold Potter performing in 'A Bench in the Sun'.

Canes and comedy: ‘A Bench in the Sun’

  • Domino Theatre
  • Review

Have you ever been curious to follow two childhood friends into their retirement home? Well, now you can. Kind of.   Ron Clark’s A Bench in the Sun is a tale of two old friends who now live in a seniors’ home together. Every morning they meet on their bench in the sun and discuss life’s tumults and vexes with the other. Dialogue is endless and quarrels are persistent as the […]

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Performance of 'La Bulle'. Photo in black and white.

Bubbling with magic: ‘La Bulle’

  • Festival
  • Kick & Push Festival
  • Kingston Theatre Alliance
  • Review

Feeling curious about seeing a mime roam the ins and outs of a giant translucent bubble? See La Bulle in Kingston this weekend.  La Bulle is a mime show produced by CORPUS Dance Projects and is being presented at the Kick & Push Festival by the Kingston Theatre Alliance and Le Centre Culturel Frontenac.  The show follows a lonely mime, Pierrot (David Danzon / Guy Marsan; the performer at the […]

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Poster for Blue Canoe's 'Happy Days'. A jukebox is pictured and text reads: "Happy Days A New Musical"

It’s a jukebox musical… It’s ‘Happy Days’

  • Blue Canoe Productions
  • Review

Lovers reacquainted, dance numbers galore, and perhaps some Grease-inspired attributes? It’s Happy Days: A New Musical, based off the TV show Happy Days, with book by Garry Marshall, and music and lyrics by Paul Williams. Produced by Blue Canoe, the young folks of this charming show are leaving their hearts on the stage.  Massimo Recupero starts the show off strong, delivering the first lines of the production with energy ablaze. […]

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A large "k" appears on the left in green and purple. Next to it reads "Kingston Theatre Alliance"

Job opening: Theatre Critic

  • Kingston Theatre Alliance

Job Description The Performance Blog is a primary resource for audience members, artistic collaboration, critical dialogue, and industry contacts. Our platform consolidates events, news, artists, and organizations in the Southeastern area in an accessible and accountable manner that the region has never seen before. Led by the Editor, the writing team is looking for passionate individuals who are committed to questioning who and what criticism is FOR. Responsibilities Requirements Eligibility […]

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We’re Hiring!

  • Kingston Theatre Alliance

Job Description The KTA is looking to hire a Theatre Critic for the Performance Blog. The Theatre Critic is responsible for attending and reviewing 1-2 shows in the Kingston area per week. They will work very closely with the Editor of the Performance Blog to discuss articles, edits, and timelines.  Responsibilities Requirements Pay As an independent contractor, pay will come as a stipend of $550 per month with the expectation […]

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Open Letter

  • Kingston Theatre Alliance

The KTA would like to release an open letter to discuss our goals for the performance blog.  The blog is a space for reviews, interviews, and opinion pieces surrounding the arts that we hope will engage with the community of Kingston. We strive to spark dialogue that can enrich theatre and provoke valuable conversation. Theatre is—and should be— constantly growing. It is a passion of ours to communicate about the […]

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A pumpkin, orange, and strawberries are growing in grass. Very tiny boots and a very tiny garden shovel are on the grass. Text reads "Garden of Edith," "First Ditch," "Ontario Arts Council"

‘Garden of Edith’ is a Fantastical Feat

  • Festival
  • Kingston Theatre Alliance
  • Review
  • Shortwave Radio Theatre Festival

Let’s talk audio plays. There’s an obvious challenge here: Keep an audience engaged through only sound. Under-do it: you’ve lost their attention. Over-do it: tumultuous confusion. Finding that happy medium is really where a show sells itself. Now, one begs the question, does Shannon Kingston’s Garden of Edith find that sweet spot? …Yes. With beautiful precision. Presented by First Ditch Collective, the premiere of Garden of Edith begins with a […]

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