Middle-aged? More like Middle Raged

Poster for 'Middle Raged Sketch Comedy'.

You’re in your 40s, have three kids, a house, and a stable job. Life is good… Right? Well, maybe not! 

Geri Hall and Gary Pearson put on a show, hilariously performing a multitude of sketches focusing on the madness of a middle-aged relationship in Middle Raged. Performed in Kingston for one night only, it appeared at the Grand Theatre on January 26th to an almost sold-out crowd. The duo tackles topics such as dealing with children, creating a will, and even trying Star Trek role play, while also touching on other random, yet equally funny, topics. 

One can tell Hall and Pearson are masters of their craft as they have created one of the funniest shows I have seen in a while. The show’s fast-paced nature of a few quick sketches coupled with longer ones helped hold my attention throughout. Hall and Pearson’s chemistry flows through the performance as if they’ve been onstage together for ages. Their synergy is on full display when it comes to the improv and crowd work sections of the show.

Their improvisation skills are superb. There are a few sections in the show where they turn the lights on and talk with audience members, mainly picking out couples and talking to them about their relationships. Hall and Pearson’s quick-witted humour and ability to bounce jokes off of the other make this section extremely enjoyable—they also expertly gain information for an improvised skit. They create these on-the-spot skits using the people they speak with as characters and the situations discussed as content. This is my favourite part of the show for its comedic brilliance and impressive nature. 

After discussing with one couple about how they met and where they had their first date, Hall and Pearson hilariously recreated it. They exaggerated the situation in humorous and creative ways, picking at certain things the audience members said.

I also enjoyed the musical segments they performed (music accompaniment by Jeff Rosenthal). They parody famous songs, such as “Hallelujah”, and implement it into a sketch. This adds variety, and at one point in the show I attended, Hall and Pearson even got the audience to sing along with them.

This show is certainly catered toward couples and folks aged 30 and older—my friend and I might have been the youngest people in the audience. With that being said, I still found the show extremely funny and relatable. It is definitely not catered towards or appropriate for children, or even teens. There are discussions of mature topics and other jokes that would go over most children’s heads.

Middle Raged is a comical and witty sketch comedy show by the brilliant Geri Hall and Gary Pearson. Their comedic chemistry shines as they perform sketches about the struggles of a middle-aged couple along with other random bits. They are touring across Canada and might be coming to a city near you!

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