Storefront Fringe – BFFs

BFFs is a new 45-minute mini-musical by Bad Dress Productions that follows the reunion of 2 university friends in their university city of Montreal (they both went to McGill) after years of “adulting”, consequently not being able to see another for quite a long time. They are, however, superbly happy to see one another when they both arrive at the small Airbnb they rented for the weekend. And, judging by the contents of the luggage each character brings, the audience is able to discern what these characters might be like.


Devin (Callum Lurie), is a confident, sassy and unapologetic gay man whose cutting remarks could make anyone laugh or cry, depending upon which side of the remark one resides. Conversely, Amanda (Kimberly Dolan) has a visibly anxious demeanour, whose rising insecurity could be derived from this. This translates well to their outlook on life. To polarize it for the sake of simplicity – Devin takes nothing seriously, and Amanda takes everything seriously. Both Lurie and Dolan deliver captivating performances that exemplify these character traits very well. More importantly, however, their chemistry as co-actors made it so the conflict that is incited from these traits is palpable.

From their Fringe preview piece, “Disney World”, it made audiences (including myself) excited at the idea of the actors simulating an experience at the most wonderful amusement park on the planet. Yet, when the reason for their inability to go to Disney World comes out, it also sparks the primary conflict in the show, which is centered around money. Both Devin and Amanda know, however, that no matter how this conflict – or any other conflict for that matter – plays out, they will never stop being a part of each other’s lives – “I know your history / we’ll never be apart”.

Facilitated by Mark Polese on the guitar, this musical features songs of a diverse array of genres, making it a compelling musical to watch because you’re never going to know what you’ll be getting next. Join in on the best friendship – BFFs still has a couple more shows! Click here for information about show times and ticketing.

Happy Fringe