Domino Theatre to Rebrand as Domino’s Pizza Theatre

There is a red square with a white hole in the middle. In the hole there is a joker holding two slices of pizza.

Audiences are wondering if all the world’s a billboard as the latest trend in corporate sponsorship emerges in Kingston’s theatre scene.

Previously known as Domino Theatre, the new Domino’s Pizza Theatre will soon follow the lead of Slush Puppie Place (formerly Leon’s Centre) in accepting commercial dough. 

Rising costs of venue upkeep and drastic cuts to arts funding have been cited as motivators for more local organizations to turn to corporations for support. 

If this all sounds dystopian, don’t worry—there are several perks to this new partnership. 

Live performance will become more interactive—ticket holders can now watch the cast and crew prepare productions on the online Play Tracker, adapted from Domino’s Pizza Tracker. 

For attendees craving an intermission snack, the theatre will offer pizza slices at the concession stand, alongside their classic two-dollar candy bars and soft drinks. 

Of course, there are cosmetic updates, too—the beloved Domino Theatre mascot will be trading in his monochromatic costume for a jaunty red and blue. 

On the subject of changes, citing the dwindling attention span of modern audiences, Domino’s Pizza Theatre has decided to curb production lengths: if the first act of a show runs over 30 minutes, admission is free.

Like any new era in a venue’s history, it may take some time to adjust, but this is just the beginning for Kingston’s arts venues. 

Signs point to more theatres rebranding in the future, with the Starbucks-sponsored Kingston Grande Theatre and a Kraft partnership with the Thousand Island Dressing Playhouse around the corner. 

For more information, visit Domino’s Pizza Theatre.