Calliope Collective Presents

HYDRA: The Spirit of Water

A multi-arts story in motion is taking place at Kingston Mills!

Poster fir 'HYDRA: The Spirit of Water' An image with blue drawings and the show title's name.


HYDRA encourages a melding of disciplines; visual art, performance art, and community art which mutually reinforces the need to give back and honour the spirit of water. The presentation of HYDRA will consist of a series of floating art pieces that tell a story through visual and performing arts. It is an inclusive and accessible community gathering.

Where previous Calliope shows have encouraged an exploration of participants’ relationship to the land by connecting with the changing of the Seasons; HYDRA: The Spirit of Water is a cavalcade of contemporary artworks, visualizations, and soundscapes inspired by our connection to water. It aims to transform a familiar space and the ways in which people interact within and in relation to each other within that space.


Kingston Mills Locks

Kingston Mills Rd, Kingston


June 2024

  • Friday 16 at 7:00 PM
  • Saturday 17 at 7:00 PM

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