Open Letter

The KTA would like to release an open letter to discuss our goals for the performance blog. 

The blog is a space for reviews, interviews, and opinion pieces surrounding the arts that we hope will engage with the community of Kingston. We strive to spark dialogue that can enrich theatre and provoke valuable conversation. Theatre is—and should be— constantly growing. It is a passion of ours to communicate about the positive changes that we see and/or hope to see. With this, theatre criticism plays a significant role. Our team is full of theatre lovers and practitioners who care deeply about the craft. All critiques aim to further the development of theatre in the community.

We encourage our writers to honestly share their experience with Kingston arts to make for fruitful discussion amongst readers. This creative expression and engagement with the arts is what makes theatre criticism an art form as well. Two writers would seldom write the same review for a piece and part of the beauty in discussing articles is learning from one another.

Having an environment where folks feel comfortable to share is very important to us. This pertains to both our writers and community members. Harassment and bullying are unacceptable to the KTA and will not be tolerated. We kindly ask that when engaging in discussions to do so in a respectful manner. 

Feedback and commentary about articles are welcomed; any concerns can be sent to




Statement from the Editor

No article is ever intended to harm and does go through rigorous editing to ensure that all posts, whether negative or positive, have sufficient reasoning and explanation behind them. It is essential that when critiquing, valuable discourse can be created from well-founded content. Every writer is expressing an opinion from sound reasoning but their thoughts and observations are subjective. 

-Editor, KTA