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Poster for Bottle Tree Productions' production of 'The Witch and the Glitch'. The title, playwright/lyricist, composer, dates, location, and ticket prices are noted. A witch appears the has been photoshopped to look very jagged.

Bubbly Chemistry at Bottle Tree Productions’ ‘The Witch and The Glitch’

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In the afterglow of Valentine’s Day, Bottle Tree Productions presents a potent potion for theatre lovers: The Witch and The Glitch. With a bubbly cast, spellbinding physical comedy, and lighthearted songs, The Witch and The Glitch provides a much-needed remedy to the doldrums of winter. This musical fable for grown-ups features a book and lyrics by Gord Love, who directs the show, and music by Michael Capon, who serves as […]

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Poster for Bottle Tree Productions' 'Surely, Sherlock'. Text reads: "Bottle Tree Productions Surely, Sherlock Starring all of your favourite sleuths aboard The Disoriented Express! Book by Anne Marie Mortensen & Daniel Smith Music and Lyrics by Michael Capon"

A Witty Mystery: ‘Surely, Sherlock’

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Who committed the crimes? No one knows. Welcome to the Disoriented Express. Surely, Sherlock is a witty musical written by Ann Marie Mortensen and Daniel Smith with lyrics and music by Michael Capon. The musical is a parody of the 2017 hit movie, Murder on The Orient Express, and is being performed at the Baby Grand Theatre in the 2023 Kingston Fringe Festival as part of the 2023 Kick and […]

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Poster for 'A Stitch' by Eirik Rutherford. A wolf is pictured on the poster.

Comically Intriguing: ‘A Stitch’

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Sewing together tumult and tenderness, A Stitch follows Sandra and her husband Roy, who suffers from dementia. The show begins when their morning is disrupted by a criminal on the loose, Jean, who breaks into their house to escape the police, and begins holding them hostage. The show shines in portraying Roy’s (Jason Bowen) dementia. He delivers his lines exceptionally—the short pauses to think and the stuttering sold his character. […]

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